HAM:1819B/05 page 1

  1. In the Name of God Amen I Levi Barfoot of Barn Farm
  2. in the Parish of Titchfield in the County of Southampton Yeoman
  3. being in good Health and of sound and disposing mind - -
  4. memory and understanding but duly considering the - -
  5. uncertainty of this transitory life do make publish and
  6. declare this to be my last will and testament in manner
  7. and form following ( that is to say ) First I will that all my
  8. just debts and funeral expences be fully paid and satisfied
  9. Also I do hereby will and direct that my Executor herein
  10. after named do and shall immiediately after my Decease
  11. put and place out at Interest on good Security the Sum of
  12. Four Hundred Pounds of lawful money of Great Britain
  13. ( or such further sum as shall be sufficient to raise and pay
  14. an Interest of Twenty Pounds per Annum ) and do and
  15. shall pay and apply the said sum of Twenty Pounds of
  16. like lawful money unto my wife Mary for and during
  17. so long time as she shall remain and continue my widow
  18. the same to be paid by half yearly Payments and to commence
  19. at the Expiration of Six Months next after my Decease when
  20. the first half yearly Payment is to be made and from
  21. and immediately after the Decease or Remarriage of
  22. my said wife which ever shall first happen then I direct
  23. that the said Principal Sum so to be put out at Interest
  24. as aforesaid shall sink into and be considered as Part

HAM:1819B/05 page 2

  1. of the Residue of my said Estate Also I give and bequeath
  2. unto my Son William Barfoot the Legacy or Sum of Three -
  3. Hundred Pounds of like lawful money Also I give and
  4. bequeath unto my Daughter Mary the wife of John Whale
  5. the Legacy or Sum of Three Hundred Pounds of like lawful
  6. money , over and above any sum of money that I may
  7. have already advanced to her or on her account Also I Give
  8. and bequeath unto my Son John Barfoot the Legacy or
  9. Sum of Two Hundred and fifty Pounds of like lawful
  10. money , over and above what other monies I may have
  11. advanced to him or on his acocunt Also I give and
  12. bequeath unto my son Peter Barfoot the Legacy or Sum of
  13. One Hundred and seventy five Pounds of like lawful
  14. money all which said before mentioned several legacies
  15. I will and direct shall be payable in twelve months
  16. next after my Decease Also I Give devise and bequeath -
  17. unto my said son William Barfoot all that my - -
  18. moiety or half Part of all that Messuage or Tenement and
  19. Premises situate at or near the Pound on Curdridge Common
  20. now in the Occupation of William Newman -------
  21. To hold to my said son William Barfoot his Heirs and
  22. Assigns Also I Give devise and bequeath unto my said
  23. son John Barfoot all that my messuage or Tenement
  24. Garden and Premises therto belonging situate in Curdridge
  25. Lane and now in the Occupation of James Hammond
  26. To hold to my said son John Barfoot his heirs and

HAM:1819B/05 page 3

  1. assigns all the Rest Residue and Remained of my
  2. real and personal Estate and Effects whatsoever and -
  3. wheresoever and of what nature or kind soever I
  4. Give devise and bequeath the same unto and equally
  5. between my son Peter Barfoot and my said son Daniel
  6. Barfoot their Heries Executors and Administrators to be
  7. divided equally between them Share and Share alike
  8. And I do hereby appoint my said sons Peter Barfoot
  9. and Daneil Barfoot joint Executors of this my last
  10. will and Testament Hereby revoking all former will
  11. or wills by me at any time heretofore made In Witness
  12. whereof I have to this my last Will and Testament
  13. contained in three sheets of Paper fixt togrther at the
  14. Top of the two first Sheets sett my Hand and Seal - -
  15. third - - - Day of October ---- in the year of
  16. our Lord One thousand eight Hundred and twelve.

Levi Barfoot