A court roll, dated 1770, concerning the transferral of some land in Bishop's Waltham.

Bishop's Waltham Manor

  1. Granted by Copy of Court Roll at the Turn of Saint Martin with the Court Baron of
  2. the said Manor there held the ninth day of October in the tenth year of the Reign of our
  3. Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace of God King of Greate Britain &c and in the
  4. Tenth year of the translation of the Right Reverend John Lord Bishop of Winchester, 1770.
  5. Fine ijd [2d] Peter Barfoot Gentleman for one Close of Land containing by Estimation half an
  6. acre whether more of less adjoining to land of Francis Barfoot called Dobbins Croft on the
  7. East part and Kings highway on the westpart And also one close or piece of land lying at
  8. Chip croft containing Twelve perches (whether more or less) adjoining to land of the aforesaid
  9. Francis Barfoot, parcel of one farthing of land called Gilberts in the Tything of Ashton
  10. Which came into the Hands of the Lord by the respective Deaths of Walter Barfoot the Father
  11. and Francis Barfoot the Grandfather of the said Peter Barfoot To hold to the said Peter
  12. Barfoot and his heires according to the custom of the said manor.

Examined by James Serle [some initials ???]
Clerk of the Bishopric of Winchester