The Barfoot Family Quarter Sessions

Entries from the calendar of prisoners at Hampshire Quarter Session, generally held in Winchester Castle. Note: I think it quite probable that the calendar has many omissions; I don't know whether this is due to original documents being lost or just inaccurate indexing.

Epiphany 1821

10) Daniel Barfoot, aged 36, Committed Nov 11, 1820 by Henry Eyre Esq charged on the oath of Sarah his wife, with having beated her and done her bodily harm, and she was afraid he would again do her bodily harm, and he the said Daniel Barfoot having refused to find sufficient sureties to be bound with him in a recognizance for him next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, and in the mean time to keep the peace of our said Lord the King and all his leige people especially towards the said Sarah his wife.

No Prosecution

35) Charles Barfoot, aged 20, Committed Dec 12, 1820 by James Jopp and Benjamin Bollock Esqrs for refusing to find sureties for his appearance at the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, for bastardy.

Committed in Custody

Easter 1821

Charles Barfoot, aged 30. Detained at the last Sessions for bastardy.

Order made

Midsummer 1841, Bridewell list

Peter Barfoot, aged 45 (R + W) [able to read and write]. Committed 20 May 1841 by P Barfoot, G J Jones & W Long Esqrs for 2 callendar month's imprissonment for an assault.

Peter Barfoot, aged 24 [and others]. Convicted at Lent Assizes, Feb 20, 1841, of separate misdemeanors. 1 year with hard labour.

Midsummer 1842

Peter Barfoot, aged 37 (R imp) [able to read imperfectly]. Committed May 16, 1842 by J King Esq for having on 16th day of May instant at the parish of Droxford, feloniously stolen one gallon of potatoes, the property of James Knight.

1 cal mo imp to hard labour in the Bridewell.

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