1. In the name of God Amen I Silvester Wyate of Curdredg in the pish of Bishopps Waltham in the Countie of
  2. Southt Yeoman being of good and pfect memorie thanke be given to Almightie god doe ordaine and make this my laste will
  3. and testament in manner and Forme following [---] first of all I comend my soul into the hands of Almightie
  4. god; my maker and redeemer Jesus Christ thourgh Whose bitter Death and passion I hope to be saved : and my body to the
  5. earth from where it came. It- I doe give and bequeath unto my sonn Thomas Wyate all my messuage and tenemt
  6. with Lands and th apptinances theireunto sett lying and being in Farethorne and all the goods of myne nowe being theire: It-
  7. I doe Likewise give and bequeath unto my aforesaid sonn Thomas Wyate all the [standerds] whatsoever which is fixed or fastened and
  8. one moulding boarde which nowe standeth in the Kitchen at Ketnoxe Likwise in the milkhouse I give to my sonn Thomas Wyate
  9. all the shelves Benches whatsoevr nowe standing in the said milkhouse at Ketnox : It- I give and bequeath unto my sonn
  10. Thomas Wyatt the Cubbard in the hale 1Chayre which usually standeth in the sd hale and my muskett and more theire
  11. It- I doe farther give and bequeath unto my sonn Thomas Wyate which is and standeth in the Butery, salte trough
  12. all ye [---] and shelves which standeth theire : in my dwelling house at Ketnox . It- I doe give and bequeath unto my said
  13. sonn Thomas Wyate certauin goods which standeth in my bed Chamber heirafter mentioned vizz 1 joyned bedsted, 1 feathr
  14. bed 1 bolster Two pillowes 2 pillowbe...s with all the furniture which belongeth to the said bed 1 little Chest which
  15. standeth under my bed 1 Chayre 1 table theire 1 Cushen and 1 other Chayre standing all in my bed chamber aforesd : It- I
  16. doe give and bequeath unto my sonn Thomas Wyatt 1 [---] & 1 [---] [---] : It- I doe give and bequeath unto my Grand
  17. Childe Johna[--] Wyate my silver spoone which I usuall doe eate wth all : It- I doe give and bequath unto my Grand
  18. Childe Daniel Barefoote 1 silver spoone : It- I doe give and bequeath unto my wif margret wyate 2 silver spoones
  19. All the residue of my goods and Chattels whatsoer is [---] of my debts being payd and Legacyes and my Funral
  20. expences discharged I doe give and bequeath unto my two daughters Mary Friend and Ann Barefoote to bee
  21. equally devided betweene them whom I doe make my whole and sole executrixes to this my Laste
  22. Will and testament [---] all other Codcialls wills maniscripps or testaments whatsoever formely by
  23. mee made In witnes whereof I have heirunto sett hand and seale this fowertn day of october
  24. in the fowerteenth yeare of the raigne of our Sovraigne Lord King Charles the second
  25. Lord in the yeare of our Lord god one thoussand six hunderd sixtie and two: Anno Dom 1662

Note. There are also two court papers (one in Latin, the other in English) and an Inventory, that I have yet to get around to transcribing