1. In the Name of God Amen. I Anthony Hunt of Stanswood in the
  2. parrish of Fawley in the County of Southampton, being weake of
  3. body but of perfect memory thankes be to god for it doo make this
  4. my last will & testament Revolking all former wils watsomever &c
  5. Inps. I bequeath my soul to god my savior hopeing thereby to receive a
  6. ioyfull resurection & my body to the Earth to be buried in a decent manner
  7. It. I give my loveing wife Anstiss Hunt Fivety poundes to be paid to her
  8. in good & lawfull mony of Great Brittan. five & twenty poundes in six months
  9. after my decease and the other five & twenty poundes at twelve month
  10. after my decease or five poundes the year dureing her naturall life which
  11. she please to demand she yeilding up the land gave to her in marridge
  12. It. I give to my Granddaughter Mary Rufton one hundred and fivety poundes
  13. of Lawfull mony of Great Britten to be paid to her when she coms
  14. of full age of one & twenty yeares & to be maintained decently in all
  15. things for the use of the said Legacy by my Executor or his assignes
  16. and if it shall happen thay my granddaughter shall depart this life
  17. before she com of full age of twenty one then my will is that
  18. my daughter Mary Oake shall have it & her Children equally betwen
  19. them
  20. It. I give to my servant Andrew Hobs twenty shillings to be paid to him
  21. within six monthes of my decease
  22. It. I give to my Kinswoman Mary Hunt one pound & ten shillings to be
  23. paid to her when she coms of age of one & twenty by my Executor
  24. It. I give the poor of the parrish of Fawly one pound to be paid in
  25. one year after my decease & to be disposed of as the minister & officers
  26. shall think most ocacion of it.
  27. It. I give to John Mintern all my old wareing apparrell to be delivered
  28. soon after my burial.
  29. It. I give my loveing wife free Leave & Liberty to take & Cary away all the goods
  30. which she brought to me without any deniall & alsoe her bargen caled or
  31. known by the name of Woodington to be hers without any deniall
  32. It. I make my son in law Henry Oake & Mary his wife my daughter my full
  33. & sole Executors of all my goods & Chattels they paying my lawfull
  34. depts & legacies. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal
  35. this Eightenth day of February in the year of the Lord 1707

Anthony Hunt

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