1. In the name of God amen, the thirty-first day of october in the sixth year of the Reigne of our severaigne
  2. Lord George by the grace of God of great Britain, King defender
  3. of the faith &c [---] 1719. I Anstice Hunt of Woodington within the parish of Fawley & County of Southampton, widow, being sick in Body but of sound &
  4. perfect mind & memory thanks be given to Allmighty God and calling to mind the [---] estate of this life doo make & ordaine this to be my last
  5. Will and Testament in manner & forme following Viz, first I Commend my Soul into the hands of allmighty God my Saviout & Redeemer in whom &
  6. by whose merits I hope to have full Pardon & Remission of all my sins and my Body I commit to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of
  7. my Executor hereafter named and forsothing of my temporal Estate and such Goods & Chattels it hath pleased God to bestow upon me, I doo give
  8. and disponse the same manner & form following Viz, I Give & Bequeath to Mary Gatsaw a Gold Ring. Item. I give William Hunt five shillings. Item. I Give
  9. to Sarah the wife of Richard Bursey, Junior of Fawley aforesaid one Gold Ring & one Silver Spoo. Item. I give to Mary the wife of Charles Warren of Exbury in the
  10. Fawley aforesaid one Gold Ring. Item. I give to Charles Warren junior & Joshua Warren twenty shillings each when they attaine their Lawfull age of twenty one Years.
  11. Item. I Give to Allice the wife of William Flight of Fawley aforsesaid a silver Bowle I Give to Sarah Flight & William Flight son & daughter of William Flight
  12. aforesaid five shillings each when they attain their lawfull age of married. Item. I Give to Martha Bone of Cows in the Isle of Wight, widow, a silver dramdish.
  13. Item. I Give to Martha & Everinis[?] Bone daughters of the said Martha Bone five pounds each when they attain to lawfull age or married. Item I Give to
  14. Sarah Hunt coarse sheets & to Sarah Hunt junior her daughter a Silver Spoon & to Anstice Hunt her daughter ten pounds [--------] she
  15. attain to lawfull age or married. Item. I give to Sarah Bursey [---] a Silver Spoon & to Richard Bursey junior & the said Sarah Bursey his sister, son &
  16. Daughter of Richard Bursey junior [sic] aforesaid five pounds each when they attain to lawfull age or married. Item. I Give to Grace Bartlet of Fawley aforesaid
  17. Widow a Silver spoon & to William & David Barltett her sons five pounds each when they attain to lawfull age of twenty one years. Item. I Give to
  18. Richard Implesfield of Gosport in the said County of Southampton, Shomaker, Eight Pounds two years after my decease. Item. I Give to Grace Bartlet aforesaid
  19. my Great Bible and to Mary Gatsaw [---] my small Gold Ring. Item. I Give to Sarah Flight aforesaid one Gold Ring. AND my will is that my
  20. [---] and funerall expences be first paid & discharged and all the aforesaid legacys as they shall become due by my Executor hereafter named.
  21. And if either of the said Children should happen to dye before they attain to their lawfull age as aforesaid then the said Legacys shall be &
  22. remain to my Executor hereafter named and all the Rest & Residue of my goods & Chattels whatsoever I Give & Bequeath unto William
  23. Flight of Fawley aforesaid Wheelwright and Doo nominate & apoint him full & Sole Executor of this my last Will & Testament. In Witness
  24. whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seale this Day & Year first above written.

The Mark of Anstice Hunt

  1. Signed, sealed, published
  2. pronounced & declared as the last
  3. Will & Testament of Anstice Hunt
  4. In the presence of us

HAM:1720P/40 Codicil

Dated 8 Feb 1719.

... I the said Anstice Huntt doo by this codicil confirm my last will and testament and doo give & bequeath unto Sarah Hunt senior mentioned in my said will to have a Course Sheet. Also one Gold Stone Ring. Item. I Give & bequeath unto Anstice Hunt daughter of the said Sarah Hunt twenty pounds to be paid her when she attain the lawful age of twenty one, yours by my Executor appointed in the said Last Will and Testament ...