HAM:1726B/3 Page 1

  1. In the Name of God, Amen
  2. the 2d of Decr in the year of our Lord 1723
  3. I John Banks of Bewerly in the County of Southton
  4. Butcher being very sick and weak in body but of
  5. perfect mind and memory, Thanks be given unto God
  6. Therefore calling to mind the Mortality of my Body
  7. and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to
  8. die do make and ordain this my last Will and
  9. Testament That is to say principally and first of
  10. all I give and Recommend my soul into the hands
  11. of God that gave it and for my Body I recommend
  12. it to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like
  13. and decent manner at the Direction of my Exe
  14. =cutrix nothing Doubting but at the General Resur
  15. =rection I shall receive the same again by the
  16. mighty power of God and as touching such wordly
  17. Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in
  18. this life. I give devise and dispose of the same in
  19. the following manner and form
  20. First I give to my Daughter Mary Banks that Part of my
  21. Copyhold Estate as here mentioned the lower Room and
  22. Chamber above it, which is next the strict[?] and joyning to
  23. the Malthouse with the Buttery which is on the left
  24. hand going into the Bakehouse she paying one half
  25. of the mortgage Due upon it.
  26. Item. I give to my Daughter Francis the Bakehouse the two
  27. chambers belonging to it and the Buttery which is on the
  28. right hand and the Garden which belongs to ye said
  29. Copyhold to be equally devided between these my two
  30. Eldest daughters, they equally paying the Mortgage
  31. which is upon the said Copyhold between them
  32. Item. I give to my Daughter Hannah Banks the middle tene=
  33. =ment which is Lease hold and joyninig to the Copyhold
  34. as and[?] Lower Room and two Butterys and the Chamber
  35. and Chamber[?] over them.

HAM:1726B/3 Page 2

  1. Item. I give to my Daughter Ann that which was the smiths
  2. and that which is [--------------------------]
  3. Item. I give unto my Son John Banks the Butchery shop
  4. the lower Room and Coullery adjoining to it with ye
  5. chamber over it and that the Garden beloning to the
  6. [---] hold should be equally devided between these my
  7. youngest children and that they all shall have course and
  8. [---] in the Gateway to the said Backside and
  9. Gardens and the use of the well for all ye said Tenements
  10. they maintaining and repairing the Gate and Gateway
  11. and the well between them all five as are here within
  12. mentioned.
  13. Item. I give to my dearly beloved wife the new bed with
  14. Curtains, Blanketts, sheets, quilt and all the furniture
  15. therewith belonging whom I likewise constitute make
  16. and ordain my only and sole Executrix of this my
  17. last will and testament
  18. Item. I appoint and desire that Joseph Shepherd of Lymington
  19. Brickburner[??] and Charles Ingram of Bewley, Brickburner[??]
  20. to be Guardians and Trustees to see that this my last will
  21. and testament be performed and that you my Guardians
  22. and Trustees would sell my Goods and Chattels and pay
  23. my debts and what left equally divide between my
  24. son John, My daughter Hannah and Daughter Ann,
  25. and I do utterly disallow revoke and disannul[?] all and
  26. every other further Testaments, Wills and Legacies, Bequests
  27. and Executives by me in any way before this time name
  28. wills and bequeaths Ratefying[?] and Confirming this and no
  29. other to be my Last will and Testament in writing
  30. whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the
  31. Day and year above written.

John Banks [illegible]

  1. Signed sealed and Declared by the said John Banks
  2. as the last will and Testament in the presence
  3. of us the subscribers

[three names, all illegible]