HAM:1832B/04 page 1

  1. In the name of God Amen. I George Banks
  2. of the parish of Fawley in the County of Southampton
  3. Labourer, being of sound and disposing mind, memorey
  4. and understanding do make publish and declare this
  5. to be my last will and testament as follows that is to
  6. say, I direct that all my just debts and funeral
  7. expenses be paid out of my Estate and Effects as soon
  8. after my decease as may be convenient. Whereas &
  9. under and by virtue of certain Articles of Agreement
  10. bearing the date the ninth day of December One thousand
  11. eight hundred and thirty one, and executed between me
  12. of the one part and William Studds of the said
  13. Parish of Fawley, [---], of the other part, I the said
  14. George Banks for the consideration therein mentioned
  15. have contracted and agreed with the said William
  16. Studds for the absolute Sale and Surrender to him
  17. of all my Copyhold tenement & Dwellinghouse &
  18. Butcheryshop, [---]shop, Carthouse and Garden and Paddock
  19. [----------------------] belonging to the same and
  20. held therewith with the appurtenances of my [---]
  21. Equity of Redemption of and in the same Hereditaments
  22. and Premises and all my Estates and Interest therein
  23. situate and holden of the Manor of Bitterne in the said
  24. County of Southampton, and in which said
  25. Articles of Agreement is contained a convenant on my
  26. part by which I have commited & engaged and agreed
  27. for myself; my heirs[?] [---] and administrators with
  28. the said William Studds and his heirs that I [---]
  29. shall and will on or before the next General Court to be
  30. holden in and for the said Manor of Bitterne at my[?]
  31. [---] Court[?] to be [---] by the said William Studds or his

HAM:1832B/04 page 2

  1. Heirs before such next Genearl Court and at his or their Expense
  2. Surrender and assure unto the use of the said William
  3. Studds and his heirs for ever or unto such other person or persons as he
  4. or they shall direct at his and their costs and charged according to
  5. the Custom of the Manor whereof the same are holden by good
  6. and effectual surrender or by such other lawful ways and means as
  7. the said William Studds or his heirs or his or their Counsel shall
  8. devise the same Hereditaments and Premises with the Appurtenances
  9. for[?] from all Incumbancy Except the Mortgage or principle sum
  10. of Eighty Pounds and the Interest for the sum now due and
  11. owing to the said William Studds under the Surrender in Mortgage of
  12. the same premises bearing the data the thirteenth day of April, One
  13. Thousand, Eight hundred and Twenty six, and also except the Rents
  14. Suits and Services due and payable to the Lord or Lords of the Manor
  15. whereof the same are holden [---] my Equity of Redemption in the
  16. [---] Hereditaments and Premises and all my Estate and Interest in
  17. the same. Now I do hereby desire appoint and direct my heirs at law to
  18. Surrended and assure the same Hereditaments and Premises or
  19. the Equity of Redemption in the same and all my Estates and Interests
  20. therein unto and to the use of for the said William Studds
  21. and his heirs accordingly. And as to the monies to arise
  22. and to be produced upon my said Hereditaments and Premises
  23. or my Equity of Redemption and Interests in the same I hearby give
  24. disperse and bequeath of the same. And also
  25. all other my Monies, Estates and Effects whatsoever and
  26. wheresoever, except as herein after is mentioned unto and
  27. equally between my eight children [---] Ann the
  28. wife of Robert Pinnick, Sarahthe wife of Henry Childs, William,
  29. Charles, Jane, David, John and Hannah to and for her, his and
  30. their own purpose, use and benefit for ever. And over and
  31. above and in addition to the provision herein before made
  32. by me to and in favour of my said daughter Ann, the wife of
  33. the said Robert Pinnick and for [--------] of
  34. my [-----] and [---------------] for the great kindness
  35. attention and support which I have lately [-----]
  36. and received from her during my declining illness[?]

HAM:1832B/04 page 3

  1. I give devise and bequeath unto my said daughter
  2. Ann and her heirs my Pew or Seat being number 5 in
  3. the middle Aisle in Fawley Church
    (and also what [----] may remain of mine after my death) [inserted above main text]
    and I do hereby
  4. nominate, constitute and Appoint William Studds of the
  5. said parish of Fawley [----] sole Executive of this my
  6. will. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand
  7. and affixed my seal this twenty fourth day of December in
  8. the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and thirty
  9. one.

The mark and Seal of George Banks

  1. Signed, sealed, published and declared
  2. by the said testative, George Banks, as
  3. and for his last Will and Testaments
  4. in the presence of us who in his
  5. presence, at his request and in the
  6. presence of each other have hereunto
  7. subscribed our names as Witnesses to
  8. same, having been first read over and
  9. explained to him and he appearing
  10. perfectly to understand the same

John Kerr Trattle[?]
Richd White
Maria White