1. In the name of God, Amen in the moneth of
  2. August 1671 in the psence of us John Newby of
  3. Bishopps Waltham in ye county of Southton, Barber, chysurg=
  4. =eon, Mary now Wife of the said John and Thomy
  5. Upman of Waltham aforesaid, Barber, chysurgeon
  6. William Barefoot late of Bishopps Waltham, Gent,
  7. did declare his last Will & Testament as followeth
  8. First I give to Mrs Pickering 200. Then in
  9. regard my Father (as I am informed by my Grandfather)
  10. said my Aunts should have fourty pounds apiece out
  11. of my estate att Dummer. Therefore it is my will
  12. that my Grandfather shall take up my Rents of
  13. Dummer for my Aunts until they shall be paid ye
  14. summes of 40 apiece And ye said Mrs Pickering
  15. her said 200. And thatr I love both my two
  16. sisters very well and wish them equall
  17. in the devision of my estate And desire that
  18. surrenders may be made to that purpose And
  19. whatsoever I did heretofore att Allresford is void
  20. worth nothing & is noe effect. In witness
  21. whereof we have hereunto sett our hands & seales
Signed sealed in the presence of

W Hancock
Thomas Eustace
John Newbey
Mary Newby, her mark
Thomas Upham