HAM:1738B/04 page 1

  1. Be it remembered that on the twelth day of
  2. February in the year of our Lord 1738
  3. Daniel Barefoot late of Curdridge in the
  4. parish of Bishops Waltham in the County
  5. of Southampton Sawyer being then Sick of the
  6. Small Pox of which distemper he Dyed the
  7. Fourth day of november last. Did in the presence
  8. and hearing of us whose names are hereunto
  9. Subscribbed in the dwelling house of Richard
  10. Barefoot and Curdridge aforesiad his Brother
  11. and in the Chamber where he then lay make and
  12. declare his last will and Testament nuncupative
  13. or by word of mouth in the words or to the
  14. effect following that is to say I doe give
  15. all my wordly goods to my Brother Richard
  16. Barefoot in Testimony whereof we have
  17. hereunto set our hands this twelth
  18. Day of February 1738.

Robt Berry
The mark of Frances Barefoot
Richard Barfoot

The above mentioned Robert Berry, Frances Barefoot
were sworn to the truth of the above written will
of the said Daniel Barefoot, Before Me

The: Williams
Curate of Botley.


HAM:1738B/04 page 2

The 19th of February 1738

  1. On which Day Adminstration of all
  2. and Singular the goods and Chattles
  3. of Daniel Barefoot late of Curdridge
  4. in the parish of Bishops Waltham
  5. in the County of Southampton
  6. and Diocess of Winchester Sawyer deceased
  7. Intestate together with his last will and
  8. Testament nuncupative annext was granted
  9. and Committed unto Richard Barefoot the
  10. Lawfull Brother of the deceased and
  11. universal Legate [?] named in the Same will
  12. and he was duly Sworn Administrator also that
  13. all the effects of the deceased are under twenty
  14. pounds. Before Me
Danl Mayo Surr.