The Barfoot Family Family Groups

Francis Barfoot of Ashton
Parents Robert Barfoot of Ashton and Elizabeth Madgwick.
Baptised March 1640, Bishop's Waltham.
Married (i) Joan.
(ii) Ursula Collins, 16 July 1684, Meonstoke. (see note).
Buried 18 Oct 1715, Bishop's Waltham.
Children By marriage (i)
Robert bp 3 or13 April 1674, Bishop's Waltham.
bur 20 Aug 1695, Bishop's Waltham.
Elizabeth bp 20 June 1674 or 1675, Bishop's Waltham.
bur 25 March 1695, Bishop's Waltham.
John bp 7 April 1684, Bishop's Waltham. (see note.)
By marriage (ii)
Ursula bp 12 July 1686, Bishop's Waltham.
Francis bp 17 July 1689, Bishop's Waltham.
Walter bp May 1692, Bishop's Waltham.
Dinah bp 8 Dec 1698, Bishop's Waltham.

I have given Francis two wives, however the whole thing seems quite fishy to me. Joan, the first wife, was buried 20 [?] March 1683, Bishop's Waltham. Within three weeks a son, John, is baptised -- presumably by the first marriage, although nowhere is the mother given; and within four months Francis has remarried. In most circumstances I would assume that there were two families, however I have not found anything to support the existance of two Francises -- I have only one baptism and one burial, the dates do not overlap too badly (and an explanation is offered below), and there are no duplicated names amongst the children. The overlap in dates would be explained if Joan's burial date is incorrect, and the barely legible "20" is not a 20. If Joan died at the begining of the year (i.e. 24 March or later) then John could be a child by (although before) the second marriage. This seems altogether more likely to me. Unfortunately even finding a will is unlikely to help prove or disprove this because both of the children definately by the first marriage had already died.

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