The Barfoot Family Family Groups

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Each family group contains the named person with his children. The date next to the group name is the date of birth of the main person. Because the number of names in common usage during the 17th and 18th centuries was somewhat limited, most of the people in this list have been given an additional identifier, for example Daniel Barfoot, "the smallpox victim", or Daniel Barfoot, "senior".

16th Century

At present I have only traced the Barfoot family of Ashton back to the 16th Century. This is, however, just because the Ashton manorial records are particularly easy to use, and is not an indication that most of the Barfoots in Hampshire were from Ashton (although this may well be true). For continuity with later sections, I have marked all the descendents of Robert Barfoot, Grandsenior, of Ashton with the word "Ashton".

ca 1500 Robert Barfoot, Grandsenior, of Ashton Ashton
ca 1550 Robert Barfoot, Senior, of Ashton Ashton
ca 1590 Robert Barfoot of Ashton Ashton
ca 1590 Henry Barfoot, Senior Ashton

17th Century

The 17th Century Barfoots can essentially be divided into four groups: those descended from Ashton family (above), those descended from Edward Barfoot of Curdridge, the Barfoots from the Romsey area, and others. For the sake of interest, this is marked after the person's name. As yet I have been unable to link the Ashton, the Curdridge and the Romsey families together. (I have no proof that the Romsey Barfoots were all one family, although I think it is probable. They are merely lumped together out of convenience.)

ca 1600 John Barfoot of East Meon Other
ca 1620 George Barfoot, Senior, of North Stoneham Romsey
1620 Robert Barfoot of Droxford Ashton
1621 Henry Barfoot, Junior Ashton (?)
1622 Henry Barfoot of Basingstoke Ashton (?)
ca 1625 Anthony Barfoot of North Stoneham Romsey
ca 1625 Edward Barfoot of Curdridge Curdridge
1634 Walter Barfoot of Basingstoke Ashton (?)
ca 1635 George Barfoot of Romsey Romsey
1640 Francis Barfoot of Ashton Ashton
1649 William Barfoot of Dummer Ashton
1655 Ursula Eustace née Barfoot Ashton
1659 Daniel Barfoot, Senior Curdridge
ca 1660 Roger Barfoot of Fawley Other
1662 George Barfoot, Junior, of North Stoneham Romsey
ca 1665 Thomas Barfoot of Bishopstoke Other
1668 Edward Barfoot, Junior Curdridge
1670 Arthur Barfoot of London Ashton (?)
1672 Walter Barfoot of Southampton Ashton (?)
1690 Daniel Barfoot, the Smallpox Victim Curdridge
1692 Walter Barfoot of Ashton Ashton
1699 Henry Barfoot of Curdridge Curdridge

18th Century

During the 18th Century, most of the Barfoots that I have traced are descended from the Curdridge Barfoots of the previous century. During the early part of that century two brothers, Thomas of Botley and James of South Stoneham moved from Curdridge to Botley and South Stoneham respectively. I have marked their descendants separately.

1705 Thomas Barfoot of Botley Botley
1706 William Barfoot of Curdridge Curdridge
1709 James Barfoot of South Stoneham South Stoneham
1730 Thomas Barfoor, Junior Botley
1730 Peter Barfoot, the Rich Ashton
1734 Edward Barfoot of South Stoneham Botley
1737 Daniel Barfoot of Botley Botley
1739 James Barfoot, Junior, of South Stoneham Botley
1740 Levi Barfoot, Senior Curdridge
1744 James Barfoot, Junior South Stoneham
1747 John Barfoot of Twyford Botley
1749 William Barfoot of Bishopstoke South Stoneham
1752 Ann Weeks née Barfoot South Stoneham
1755 Edward, Junior, of South Stoneham Botley
1765 Elizabeth Cooper née Barfoot Botley
1769 William Barfoot, Junior Curdridge
1778 James Barfoot of Otterbourne South Stoneham
1779 John Barfoot of Southwick Curdridge
1784 William Barfoot of South Stoneham. South Stoneham
1784 William Barfoot, Junior, of South Stoneham South Stoneham
1785 James Barfoot of Twyford Botley
1794 Daniel Barfoot, Senior, of Portsea Curdridge
1798 Sarah Barfoot, of Bishop's Waltham Curdridge

19th Century

By the 19th Century, the Botley and South Stoneham families have become very muddled, with too many people with too few different names all in a small area, and consequentially only a few branches have been traced forward into this century with any certainty. The Ashton family has died out, moved out or else become untraceable. However, by this time the Curdridge family has again expanded and now has branches in Hedge End (a new parish formed mostly out of Botley), on Portsea island, and in the Southwick area.

1806 John Henry Barfoot of Otterbourne South Stoneham
1808 Henry Barfoot, the Shoemaker Curdridge
1816 Cornelius Henry Barfoot of Westminster Other
1819 Daniel Barfoot, Junior, of Portsea Curdridge
1832 George Barfoot of Portsea Curdridge
1835 John Barfoot, of Hedge End Curdridge
1847 Levi Barfoot, of Shirley Curdridge
1861 George Frederick Barfoot of Portsea Curdridge

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