The Barfoot Family Family Groups

Robert Barfoot of Droxford
Parents probably Robert Barfoot of Ashton and Elizabeth Madgwick.
Baptised 30 April 1620, Bishop's Waltham. (see note 1)
Died about 1661, Droxford or Dummer. (see note 2)
Will HAM:1661B/03
Children Ann bp 31 May 1647, Droxford.
Probably died young. (see note 3.)
Ann bp 27 June 1647, Droxford.
William bp 6 Nov 1649, Droxford.
Richard bp 11 Nov 1649, Droxford.
Probably died young.
Elizabeth bp 14 Sep 1653, Droxford. (see note 3.)
Ursula bp 2 Nov 1655, Droxford.

Note 1
There are two possible baptisms for Robert - both at Bishop's Waltham, and both within eighteen months of each other. The two possible fathers are Thomas Barfoot and Robert Barfoot of Ashton. Robert of Ashton has known connections with Dummer (he was married there), however Thomas has no known connection with Dummer. It is thus more likely that Robert's father is Robert, however more work needs to be done before any solid conclusions can be reached.

Note 2
Roberts will refers to property in Dummer, however the Inventory says that he lived in Hill, in the parish of Droxford. His will mentions his children William, Ann, Elizabeth and Ursula

Note 3
Ann and Elizabeth's baptisms give the name of neither parent. However, Robert Barfoot is the only Barfoot living in Droxford having children anywhen near this time. A daughter named Elizabeth (one of the youngest two) is listed in Robert's will.

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