The Barfoot Family Family Groups

Thomas Barfoor, Junior
Father Thomas Barfoot of Botley and Ann Pollard.
Baptised 30 Jan 1730, Botley.
Married Sarah Harfield, 20 Apr 1750, Bishop's Waltham.
Children Elizabeth bp 28 Jan 1752, Botley.
Edward bp 4 July 1755, Botley.
Thomas bp 25 Mar 1757, Botley.
Sarah bp 1 Mar 1759, Botley.

It is possible that there is a further daughter, Ursula, bp 1 June 1766, Botley, bur 18 July 1767, Botley. However Ursula's mother is given as Ann, which makes it sound like Ursula is Thomas's sister. However, if this is true, then Urusla's mother would have been about 60 when she was born -- something I find unlikely.

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