The Barfoot Family Family Groups

Robert Barfoot, Grandsenior, of Ashton
Born ca 1500. (see note 1)
Died possibly 1560. (see note 2)
Children Robert b ca 1550. (see note 2.)

Note 1
Everything I know about Robert (and indeed his son) has come from the Ashton manor court books. Unfortunately the records for the period 1426 to 1541 have been lost (with the single exception of the year 1532). However, early on in the next court book (HAM:111M94W/N1/15, covering the period 1542 to 1636) are a few older entries (presumably copied from earlier book). One of these entries, dated "xvj die octobris Anno xxj H viij" (1530) mentions Robert as the copyholder of various property.

Note 2
In 1566, Robert was already dead, and his son, Robert, was a minor in the custody of Ralph Cleverley. The first mention of the son is in 1560, and so he must have been born between 1545 and 1560. The entry in 1560 is also the last mention of Robert (the father), and could well have been the entry referring to his death.

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