The Barfoot Family Family Groups

Robert Barfoot, Senior, of Ashton
Born ca 1550 (see note 1).
Father Robert Barfoot, Grandsenior, of Ashton.
Died after 1623 (see note 2).
Children Robert b ca 1590.
Henry b ca 1590.
Thomas b ca 1590.

Note 1
I think that in 1566 Robert's father had died, and he was in the custody of a Ralph Cleverely. [See Ashton Court Book entry for 8 Sept 8 Eliz 1.] The earliest mention of him in the Ashton Court Books is in 1560, which puts his birth somewhen between 1545 and 1560.

Note 2
The Ashton Court Book mentions Robert Sen. and Robert Jnr. and Henry his sons, in an entry dated 21 James 1. I have been unable to find any later mentions of him.

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