The Barfoot Family Family Groups

James Barfoot of Twyford
Parents Probably Edward, Junior, of South Stoneham and Elizabeth Sait. (see note)
Baptised bp 16 Oct 1785, South Stoneham. (see note)
Married Ann Wild, 20 June 1810, Twyford.
(bur 20 Jan 1835, Twyford, aged 42.)
Occupation Labourer.
Buried 9 Mar 1834, Twyford, aged 48.
Children Henry bp 25 Nov 1810, Twyford.
George bp 6 Nov 1812, Twyford.
Marianne bp 19 Mar 1815, Twyford.
James bp 9 Apr 1818, Twyford.
Elizabeth bp 29 Dec 1822, Twyford.
Harriet bp 226 Dec 1824, Twyford.
Olive bp 9 July 1828, Tywford.
bur 19 Apr 1829, Twyford, aged 9 mths.
William bp 20 Sept 1832, Twyford.
bur 6 Nov 1832, Twyford, aged 7 wks.

James' burial states that he was 48 in 1834, which means that he was born between March 1785 and March 1786. This baptism does falls nicely into that period, however there is another baptism in Bishopstoke in Aug 1786 which misses the period by a few months. (This James is the son of John Barfoot of Twyford. The fact that John was described as "of Twyford" in his burial, makes me a little unsure that I'm right.)

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