The Barfoot Family Family Groups

John Barfoot of Twyford
Parents Thomas Barfoot of Botley and Ann Pollard.
Baptised 11 June 1747, South Stoneham.
Married Elizabeth Weeks, 16 Oct 1783, Bishopstoke.
(bur 21 Feb 1805, Bishopstoke, aged 49.)
Buried 21 Jan 1810, Bishopstoke, aged 62.
Children John bp 8 Sept 1785, Bishopstoke, aged 31 days.
bur 5 May 1786, Bishopstoke, aged 9 mths.
James bp 7 Aug 1786, Bishopstoke, aged 1 day. (see note.)
John bp 26 Feb 1789, Bishopstoke, aged 5 wks.
Henry bp 23 Sept 1792, Bishopstoke, aged 5 wks.

It is possible that this James is James of Twyford, but James of Twyford was buried March 1834, aged 48, which means he was born between March 1785 and March 1786. As there is a James Barfoot baptismed at South Stoneham in this period, I think that he is a better candidate.

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