The Barfoot Family Family Groups

George Barfoot, Senior, of North Stoneham
Born ca 1620.
Married Dorothy Abraham, 23 June 1645, North Stoneham.
Children Elizabeth bp 21 Dec 1645, Romsey. (see note 1.)
Elizabeth bp 19 Mar 1645, North Stoneham. (see note 1.)
Edith bp 7 July 1648, Romsey.
Daniel bp 8 Nov 1649, North Stoneham.
bur 11 Dec 1649, North Stoneham.
Dorothy bp 24 Mar 1650, North Stoneham.
Thomas bp 12 Mar 1651, Romsey.
Elizabeth bp Jun(?) 1654(?), North Stoneham. (see note 1.)
Richard bp 5 Aug 1654, North Stoneham.

Note 1
The first two Elizabeths were baptised within three months of each other. Even allowing for the babies to be a few months old at baptism, this seems infeasible. I wonder whether the 19 Mar 1645 baptism at North Stoneham was actually into beginning of the year, and not at the end of the year. (In the Julian calendar, the year started on 25 March, but for convenience it was sometimes, incorrectly, taken as April-April.) If this is the case then there is almost exactly nine months between the two baptisms, and the whole thing becomes more likely. It is also possible that it is the same Elizabeth being baptised twice. Presumably the third Elizabeth's date is also incorrect as it is within a few weeks of Arthur's baptism.

Note 2
Possibly a brother of Anthony Barfoot of North Stoneham.

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