The Barfoot Family Family Groups

Roger Barfoot of Fawley
Born ca 1660
Married (i) Martha.
(ii) Ann Rossiter, 29 Dec 1691, Fawley.
Children By marriage (i)
Roger bp 16 July 1684, Fawley.
NN bp 21 Feb 1688, Fawley.
By marriage (ii)
Catherine bp 12 Feb 1691, Fawley.
John bp 26 Feb 1693, Fawley.
Catherine bp 9 Dec 1696, Fawley.
Mary (?) bp 19 Feb 1696, Southampton, Holy Rood. (see note 1.)
Thomas bp 11 June 1702, Fawley.
Jane bp 5 Feb 1705, Fawley.

Note 1
I am unsure whether Mary is really one of the children of this Roger. On the one hand, Roger is an unusual name, and there is no reason to supose that there was more than one Roger having children at this time. Also Southampton is not too far from Fawley, especially considering a ferry service operated at this time from Hythe (in Fawley parish) to Southampton. On the other hand, Mary was baptised less than three months after the second Catherine, and is the only child not to be baptised in Fawley.

Note 2
As Roger was an uncommon name, it is quite possible that he is connected in some way with the Roger Barfoot baptised in 1627 in East Meon, the son of John of East Meon.

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