The Barfoot Family Family Groups

William Barfoot of Bishopstoke
Father James Barfoot of South Stoneham and Mary Oakley.
Baptised 5 Oct 1749, South Stoneham.
Married Ann Smith, 26 Dec 1780, Durley.
(bur 17 Oct 1784, Bishopstoke, aged 32, died in childbirth.)
Buried 25 May 1823, Bishopstoke, aged 74.
Children Elizabeth bp 16 Spet 1781, Bishopstoke. (see note.)
Mary bp 16 Sept 1781, Bishopstoke. (see note.)
bur 19 Oct 1781, Bishopstoke.
William bp 17 Oct 1784, Bishopstoke.

I think that Elizabeth and Mary were probably twins.

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