The Barfoot Family Data Sheets

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The I.G.I.

The International Genealogical Index, compiled by the LDS church, has 737 Barfoot entries for Hampshire. (It can now be searched on-line.) I should mention that the IGI has a reputation for being inaccurate. Whilst this is possibly true, it is probably the best index of parish records of its type, and certainly shouldn't be ignored.

I have split it up into seven separate web pages, which can also be downloaded in csv format by clicking on the icon next to the link. It is also avaliable in one big file by following the links at the bottom of the page.

 A-D   E-F   G-I   J-L   M-Q   R-S   T-Z 

The first and last files also include a few odd entries that were not included in the main bulk of the Barfoot entries in the IGI.

Download it directly in one big csv file. (Size: 56k)
... or in compressed format. Avaliable in either zip or gz formats.
(Both of these formats can be decompressed using, for example, WinZip.)

Note: csv files can be loaded into spreadsheets or databases. They will also make sense if you look at them in a text editor.

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