The Barfoot Family Data Sheets

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Wills with references starting HAM: are located in the Hampshire County Record Office in Winchester. Those starting PRO: are located in the Public Record Office in London.

Reference Name used in document Year
HAM:1661B/03 Robert Barefoote of Dummer/Droxford (Will & Inventory, 1661)
HAM:1673B/04 William Barfoot of Bishop's Waltham (Will, 1673)
HAM:1681AD/14 Thomas Braffett of Bishopstoke (Inventory, 1681)
PRO:Prob11/572/q2 Walter Barfoot of Basingstoke (Certified copy, 1720)
HAM:1738B/04 Daniel Barfoot of Curdridge (Nucupative will, 1738)
HAM:1790AD/01 James Barfoot of Bishopstoke (Admon, 1790)
HAM:1811P/02 James Barfoot of South Stoneham (Will & Court paper, 1811)
HAM:1819B/05 Levi Barfoot of Barn Farm, Titchfield (Will, 1819)

And many more as soon as I get time to typeset them...

Unfortunately, lack of space stops me from being able to put jpeg images of all the wills onto this web page, however, if anyone wants copies then get in contact, and I will try to either put them onto a web site somewhere, or email / mail them to you.

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