As the title might imply, this page is a collection of random things that I have had lying around and have decided to put on the web in case they are of use to anyone.


Here are the transcripts of some wills that I have converted into HTML:

HAM:1662B/77 Sylvester Wyatt of Kitnox, Bishop's Waltham
HAM:1673B/04 William Barfoot of Bishop's Waltham
HAM:1709P/56 Anthony Hunt of Stanswood, Fawley
HAM:1720P/40 Anstice Hunt of Woodington, Fawley
HAM:1726B/03 John Banks of Beaulieu
HAM:1733B/04 Daniel Barfoot of Curdridge, Bishop's Waltham
HAM:1786B/03 William Banks of Rhimehall, Fawley
HAM:1832B/04 George Banks of Fawley

If anyone wants to see the original documents, I have photocopies avaliable which I can send to anyone, providing it is for personal non-comercial use. Contact me for details.

The Barfoot Family

The Barfoot family now has its own page here.

Richard Smith